About the Journal

Al Qasimia University Journal of Islamic Economics is an international bilingual (Arabic and English) peer-reviewed journal, published twice yearly (in June and December), by Al Qasimia University. The Journal publishes articles based on original theoretical or empirical research, book reviews and reports on conferences and seminars, concerning Islamic economics.


By publishing pioneering refereed scientific research in Islamic economics, the Journal would aspire to be among the most prestigious internationally recognized scientific publications in the field of Islamic economic knowledge.


To disseminate scientific research distinguished by its originality and novelty, in the field of Islamic economics, in accordance with international publishing standards, in order to achieve the goals of the university, and to serve the local and international community in the field of Islamic economic knowledge.


  1. To serving the local and global community by publishing high quality original studies.
  2. To establishing a scientific platform for researchers and specialists in the field of Islamic economics in line with international indexation standards.
  3. To actively contributing to the development of scientific research both nationally and internationally.
  4. To extending scientific research cooperation with researchers globally, by publishing insightful scientific research.
  5. To analyzing contemporary issues and developments in the field of Islamic economics.